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Capital District Youth Scholarship Tour

CDYST Code of Conduct

One of the goals of the CDYST is to provide fun and professional-style tournaments for all youth bowlers.  Therefore, we expect our bowlers to act accordingly so that everybody can have a positive experience.  First of all, we understand that as kids, your primary objectives are fun, achievement, and camaraderie. Thus, we encourage any and all of positive enthusiasm that does not negatively impact the tournament. Having said that, we ask that the following guidelines be followed:


General Information:

  • Arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the tournament starting time to check-in
  • One-lane courtesy will be enforced
  • Use common courtesy when others are bowling
  • Be responsible for your scorecard by filling it out correctly and promptly handing it in upon completion of competition
  • When switching pairs during competition, please do not place balls on the ball return of your next pair or crowd other bowlers still bowling
  • Support the host bowling centers and sponsors that make the CDYST possible


Commitment: By becoming a CDYST member, you have made a commitment to test yourself in our challenging and competitive arena; while working hard to build a foundation that will prepare you for success at Junior Gold, intercollegiate competition, and any other level you desire to take your game. By entering any tournament, you are committing to your fellow competitors that you will complete the event; unless an injury, illness, or family emergency renders you unable to do so.  Withdrawals for these sorts of reasons are unfortunate, but unavoidable. However, withdrawals for any other reason not only violate the commitment that you made to yourself to work hard and learn; but they disrupt the flow and rhythm of your competitors as well.

Penalty for unexcused tournament withdrawal: Any bowler who withdraws from an event for a reason other than an injury, illness, or family emergency will be ineligible to compete in the next three tournaments.  A second offense will result in the bowler being suspended for the remainder of the season and the first half of next season.


Attire: To portray a professional environment, collared shirts and slacks are required. Girls may wear skirts of a reasonable length. It is preferred that bowlers have their name on the back of their shirt, but it is not required. No jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, clothing with objectionable material or promotion of alcohol or tobacco products will be permitted. No hats may be worn during tournament competition.

Penalty for offense: Unless violation is corrected, a bowler will not be allowed to participate.


Scoring: During competition, a tournament official must be notified to make any scoring changes on automatic scoring consoles. All bowlers are responsible for accurately completing their scorecards. To ensure the most efficient standings updates throughout the event, all scorecards are to remain in the settee area.

Penalty for cheating: Immediate disqualification and suspension from future tournaments


Foul Language / Personal Conduct: Not only does using foul language or showing excessive outward emotion during competition make a bowler look foolish, but it also shows poor sportsmanship and infringes upon the experiences of fellow bowlers. It is therefore unacceptable to use any sort of audible foul language, throw objects, or display any behavior deemed objectionable by tournament officials during the tournament.

Penalty for offense: Depending upon the severity of the violation, the bowler will be warned, receive a scoring penalty (such as a zero for any frame(s) where offense(s) occurred), or immediate disqualification. Once a bowler has been warned, tournament staff reserves the right to disqualify or suspend the bowler should another offense occur at a subsequent event during the season.


Bowling Center Equipment: All of our host bowling centers work very closely with us to organize CDYST events and collectively, they serve as one of our biggest sponsors. In response, we expect everybody to respect each venue.  It is therefore the responsibility of all bowlers to not abuse or damage any bowling center equipment or deface any property.

Penalty for offense: A minor offense will result in a warning; a second offense during the season or an offense resulting in damage will result in immediate disqualification and possible suspension. The bowler may also be responsible for any financial expenses resulting from the need to repair any broken or defaced equipment.


Fighting: Any bowlers who are fighting will be immediately disqualified and suspended for the remainder of the season.


Acceptance of Junior Gold Entries: Any member who earns and accepts an entry into the Junior Gold Championships through a CDYST event and then later elects not to compete has an obligation to inform the tournament staff of their decision as soon as possible so that the spot can be filled by an alternate.  By accepting a spot and then later declining it without informing tournament staff, you are preventing another member who wishes to attend Junior Gold from having that opportunity. Furthermore, Junior Gold entries are expensive; and once a spot is purchased by the CDYST, there is no refund if it is unused.


Final Notes: The items identified above are merely guidelines that will be enforced by tournament staff. Violations and other matters not directly addressed will ultimately be handled at their discretion.  By no means is our priority to be on the lookout for offenders.  However, these guidelines will provide the means for all bowlers, as well as the host centers, to have a positive experience with the CDYST. If there are any questions regarding this code of conduct, please bring them to the attention of a tournament director.


Good Luck, Have Fun, and

Thank You for Bowling with the CDYST!


For more information, please email us at CDYSTinfo (at) aol (dot) com or visit our Facebook page.

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