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Capital District Youth Scholarship Tour

CDYST Tournament Rules

USBC Certification # 05587

  • Unless noted, all tournaments are scratch singles and open to any USBC youth-certified bowler. Uncertified bowlers meeting USBC youth requirements must purchase a USBC youth membership on site in order to compete.
  • There will be three age-based scholarship divisions that will be separated by gender as long as there are at least four bowlers who meet each age and gender criteria. As of August 1, 2019, bowlers under 12 years of age will be placed in the Under-12 (U12) division; those under 15 will be placed in the Under-15 (U15) division; all others will be placed in the Under-20 (U20) division.  Bowlers may compete in a higher age division by declaring as such upon check-in and paying the appropriate entry fee for the division in which they are competing. If there is only 1 bowler for an age division, they must be placed in the next highest age/gender division and pay the appropriate entry fee.
  • Tournament entry fees for U15 and U20 CDYST members are $35 if paid in advance or $40 if paid on site. All non-members will pay $50. The breakdown is as follows: $15 lineage; $18 scholarship fund; remainder to expenses. For U12 CDYST members, the entry fee will be $25 if paid in advance or $30 if paid on site. All U12 non-members will pay $40. The breakdown is as follows: $12 lineage; $11 scholarship fund; remainder to expenses.
  • Unless noted, optional Junior Gold qualifying is available for all bowlers who are current CDYST members or become members on site.  All Junior Gold fees are in addition to the tournament entry fee and vary by age division. Bowlers who wish to enter the qualifier and are not USBC Junior Gold-certified must certify on site.  Please refer to our website or for full details. Scores from the Qualifying Round will be used for the Junior Gold qualifier; with a ratio of 1 in 4 bowlers in each age/gender division advancing to the Junior Gold Championships. Please note that U17 and U20 bowlers will be combined into one division unless there are at least four bowlers entering the qualifier in each age group; at which point the tournament director reserves the right to split the two divisions to align with the National Finals. 
  • All tournaments will begin promptly on the date and time listed. Please arrive at least 45 minutes early to check in.
  • Tardy bowlers must begin with the frame being bowled. No pinfall will be credited for frames missed.
  • If a player bowls on the wrong lane or out of turn and does not roll a strike, they will shoot the spare and that becomes their frame.  If they roll a strike, the ball will not count and they will bowl in the correct order on the correct lane.
  • No ball surface adjustments may be made after the start of competition is announced. If a bowler is found to have made a ball surface adjustment after competition begins, they will receive 0 pinfall for any frames the ball was used; and it will be removed from competition.
  • The qualifying round will consist of 5 games, switching pairs after each game. The lesser of 1 in 3 bowlers combined in the U15 and U20 age divisions; or the number of available lanes, will advance to the semifinals.  All scores will carryover.
    • U12 division: If there are at least 5 entries, the top two bowlers will bowl a one-game match to determine the winner. Between 8 and 11 entries, the finals will be a three-person stepladder. If 12 or more entries, four bowlers will advance to the stepladder finals. Otherwise, the highest bowler in qualifying will be the winner.
  • The semifinals will begin immediately after the qualifying round and consist of 3 head-to-head match games.  The bowler winning each match will receive a 30-pin bonus; a tie will award 15 bonus pins to each bowler.  The top four bowlers after 8 games will advance to the finals.
  • The finals will be a stepladder format; the 4th place qualifier will bowl against the 3rd place qualifier; the winner will bowl the 2nd qualifier; that winner will face the tournament leader to determine the champion.
  • Please note that at host centers with space or time constraints, the tournament directors reserve the right to modify the tournament format to accommodate as many bowlers as possible.
  • All oil patterns will meet USBC requirements for being Sport-compliant. However, prior to each event, a pattern length category will be supplied. At the conclusion of the qualifying round, the lane graph will be revealed. It will also be posted on our website. Please visit our website for full details about our lane conditioning protocols.
  • All bowlers must wear a collared or mock-collar shirt. Please refer to the CDYST Code of Conduct, which addresses acceptable attire and behavior. It is available at the tournament site, online, or via e-mail.
  • A minimum of 1 in 5 entrants in each age/gender division will earn a scholarship. $5 from each U15 and U20 entry will be placed into an overall scholarship fund and awarded to the four finalists as follows: 50% to the champion; 25% to the runner-up; 15% for third place; and 10% for fourth place. The champion will also receive a plaque. Scholarship winners in each age/gender division will be determined by their overall finishing position in the tournament. All scholarship award winners will receive a certificate indicating their position and prize.
  • For an optional $5 fee, CDYST members may enter the scholarship eliminator prior to the qualifying round. There are no age divisions for the scholarship eliminator.  A minimum of 1 in 8 entrants will receive a scholarship prize and a certificate.  All eliminator monies will be returned 100%.
  • All scholarship money will be held by and distributed according to the USBC SMART Program.
  • The CDYST membership fee for U15 and U20 bowlers is $30 to cover season-long expenses and awards. The U12 membership fee will be $20. Remaining money at the end of the season will be awarded as scholarships at the 2017 CDYST Invitational and Masters.
  • Bowlers competing in the U15 and U20 divisions will earn Bowler of the Year points at each event and be eligible to compete as a CDYST All Star at the USBC Youth Open in Las Vegas, NV. U12 bowlers are not eligible for Bowler of the Year points and awards unless they enter the U15 or U20 age division and pay for a full membership.
  • All rules not specifically addressed herein will be subject to the USBC Rulebook. For matters not directly addressed in the USBC Rulebook, the tournament directors’ decision is final.
  • Please click here to obtain an entry form.

CDYST Scholarship Eliminator Rules

The CDYST Scholarship Eliminator is open to CDYST members only and runs concurrent with the qualifying round of the main tournament. Each entrant will bowl against the rest of the eliminator field starting with the first game.  After Game 1, the top half of the bowlers will advance, while the remainder will be eliminated.  Then, using their scores from Game 2 only, the top half of those remaining bowlers will advance, and so on. If there is an odd number of bowlers in a round, no less than 50% will advance to the next round. For example, if there are 12 entries, the eliminator will run as follows:

    Game 1: 12 bowlers, with the top 6 scores advancing

    Game 2: 6 bowlers, with the top 3 scores advancing

    Game 3: 3 bowlers, with the top 2 scores advancing

    Game 4: 2 bowlers, with the higher score winning the top prize and the lower score winning the 2nd prize.

If there are 8 or fewer entries, the eliminator will play out over the first 3 games in the qualifying round, with only the winner earning a scholarship prize. The scholarship prize ratio will be a minimum of 1 for every 8 entries in the eliminator. The results of the Scholarship Eliminator are completely independent and in no way affect the main tournament standings.

Please note that under the Junior Gold format (6-game qualifying round), the Scholarship Eliminator will play out over the first four games in the qualifying round.

For more information, please email us at CDYSTinfo (at) aol (dot) com or visit our Facebook page.

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